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D-3A "Val" (99)

Aichi E13A Jake
  • Shipborne Assault Dive Bomber
  • Aichi

First prototype flown on January, 1938, after were produced 470 aircrafts type D-3A1 with engine "Kinsey-43", 1000 hp or "Kinsey-44", 1070 hp, 1939 .

In the beginning of World War 2 this airplane was the main aircraft of the Japanese Shipborne aircraft.

D3A Val, Rabaul 1943

D3A Val, Rabaul 1943

In the autumn of 1942 its improved version D-3A2 (were produced 1016 pcs.).

However by this time the design of an airplane is already obsolete; since 1943 the most part of rest D-3A2 were altered in educational D-3A2-K.

At the end of its career, the already obsolete aircraft was used as a flying bomb, piloted by kamikaze suicide bombers.

D-3A2 'Val' Specification
Crew 2
Wing span, m 14.37
Length, m 10.20
Height, m 3.85
PE "Kinsey-54" ("Mitsubishi"), hp 1300
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2,570
Gross weight 4,120
Maximum speed, km/h 430
Time to 3000m, min 6
Service ceiling, m 10,500
Service range, km 1,350
7.7-mm machine guns in fuselage and in a rear cabin, pcs 2+1
External bomb load, kg 370

Photo Description

Drawing D3A1 model 11

Drawing D3A2 model 22 "Val"

Aichi D3A1 (99) at the airfield.

Aichi D3A1 (99) in flight at summer 1941.


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D3A Val