Aviation of WWII
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Luftwaffe. People and Aircraft.

Photo Airfield
Gruppe   Aircraft   W Nr Accident Crew
November, 1942 JG 26 FW 190A-1 W Nr
Fw 190A-1, Werk Nr 027, "Yellow 1" of JG 26, of Oblt Walter Schneider in November 1941, which showed nineteen victory markings on its yellow rudder. He was later killed in a crash after 20 victory.  
June 23, 1942
III./JG 2 FW 190A-3 W Nr
Fw 190A-3 (Werk Nr 0313). Oberleutnant Arnim Faber, Gruppe Adjutant of III./JG 2 'Richthofen' landed his aircraft at RAF Pembrey on June 23, 1942.  
summer, 1942
FW 190A-3 W Nr
Fw 190A-3 (Werk Nr 0313) at Farnborough, Hampshire, summer 1942. Faber's Fw 190A-3 now with British markings and being test flown by the RAF.  
January 16, 1943 I./JG 54 FW 190A-4 W Nr
Captured by soviet troops Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-4 (Werk Nr 142310). Pilot Unteroffizier Helmut Brandt, made forced landing on the ice of Ladoga Lake on 13 January 1943 after air fight with pilots of the 158th IAP. Photograph taken on January 16, 1943.  
May 4, 1942
III./JG 2 FW 190A-3 W Nr
Fw 190 A-3, W Nr 223, of Hauptmann Hans 'Assi' Hahn, Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 2 in Beaumont le Roger, France. On May 4, 1942, 'Assi' Hahn reached his 60th victory.
   Hans Hahn was taken prisoner after engine failure on his Bf-109G-2/R6 W.Nr.13949 at Demyansk, Novgorod region on February 21, 1943.
Photo Airfield
Gruppe   Aircraft   W Nr Accident Crew
9./JG 2 FW 190A-4 W Nr
Fw 190A-4, W Nr 764, 'Yellow 4' of Siegfried Schnell of 9./JG 2.
   He was shot down in Bf 109 G-6 (W Nr. 411 675) and killed by a Soviet fighter on 25 February 1944 over Narva.
Beaumont le Roger, France, 1943 JG 1 FW 190A-5 W Nr
Fw 109A-5 W Nr 1230, 'Green 13' flown by Walter Oesau, at Beaumont le Roger, France, around 1943. After the Kommodore, Walter Oesau was killed, in combat with American P-38 Lightnings on May 11,1944, the JG 1 unit took his name, Oesau, as a title honor.  
November, 1942
9. Staffsel Bf 109G-1 Bf 109G-1, "Black 1", of 9. Staffsel which crashed down near the airfield. The pilot was the famous Walter Nowotny, he wasn't hurt at this time. Airfield was Rjelbitzy during November 1942.  
I./JG 54 FW 190A-6 W Nr
Fw 190A-6 of I./JG 54 (Werk Nr 410 004) of Walter Nowotny. He is credited with 258 aerial victories in 442 combat missions.
   He was credited with three victories in this aircraft model before being killed in a crash. Nowotny's Me 262 A-1a W Nr 110 400 "White 8" dive vertically out of the clouds and crash at Epe, 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) east of Hesepe, Germany.
Roi, Finland, 1941 1./JG 77 Bf 109E W Nr
Bf-109E W Nr 968 of 1./JG 77 of Hugo Dahmer.
  ...On 11 September, 1943, he was badly wounded in combat with RAF Spitfires near Rouen flying Fw 190 A-5 (W.Nr. 1171). He spent the rest of the war instructing at fighter schools. Hugo Dahmer was credited with 45 victories in 307 missions.