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The appearance of the new car was finally formed on ten (according to other sources, fifteen) pre-production Ju 87B-0, which were assembled in the summer of 1938. A second 7.92 mm MG 17 machine gun was installed in the left console. Compared to the Ju 87A, the maximum horizontal speed increased by 30 km / h, and the dive speed increased to 600 km / h.

In October 1938, mass production of the Ju 87B-1 began and the first five machines immediately went to Spain in the Legion Condor. In March 1939, the initial RLM order for the Ju 87B-1 increased from 396 to 964 copies and the two plants producing Stukas, the Weser firm in Berlin-Tempelhof and the Junkers firm in Dessau, were joined by another Weser plant in Bremen- Lemwerder. By the middle of the year, the Ju 87В-1 production rate at the Tempelhof plant (their main manufacturer) reached 60 units per month. Starting from the 697th copy, the Ju 87B-1 began to install a new Jumo 211D engine with a take-off power of 1140 hp. from. with jet-type exhaust pipes, which improved the aircraft's flight characteristics. The general "scoop" still remained. On the B-1, a howling siren first appeared on the left landing gear fairing, which was powered by a two-bladed windmill from the oncoming air flow. On the following versions of the "Things" sirens were already installed on both landing gear. The total number of Ju 87B-1s produced was 800-820.

Ju-87A-1 Ju-87B-1 Ju-87B-2 Ju-87C-1
Crew 2
Length, m 10.78 11.10 11.10 11.00
Height, m 3.89 4.01 4.01 3.77
Wing span, m 13.80
Wing area, m2 31.90
Wing loading, kg/m
106.6 136 136 141
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2300 2710 2750 2900
Maximum takeoff weight 3400 4250 4250 4510
PE Jumo 210D Jumo 211A-1 Jumo 211Da Jumo 211Da
Power, hp/kW 680/500 1000/736 1200/883 1200/883
Maximum speed km/h 320 383 380 380
at altitude, m 4000 4090 4090 4090
Time to altitude min 23 12 12 13,4
m 3000 4000 4000 3000
Service ceiling, m 7000 8000 8000 8000
Service range, km 1000 790 790 1160
Machine-guns 2 3 3 3
External bomb load, kg 500 700 700 700
Photo Description
Drawing Ju 87 B-1

Drawing Ju 87 B-1

Ju-87B-1, Legion Condor, Spain

Ju-87B-1, Legion Condor, Spain


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