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Ju 87 B2 from 7.STG77

At the end of 1939, the first "Berta" Ju-87B-1 was replaced in production by the Ju-87B-2 dive bomber, which for the first time appeared on a rod to carry a dropped bomb outside the circle of rotation of the propeller. The new bomb rack made it possible to hang a bomb up to 1000 kg, although a radio operator was not taken in this case.

The increased power of the Jumo 211Da motor required an increase in the area of ​​the cooling radiator, and its fairing has also changed. Jet exhausts, first seen on the latest B-1s, are now standard on the B-1. The increased power of the engine required an increase in fuel consumption, which reduced the range of action, with a 500-kg bomb, it barely reached 590 km. In addition, hydraulic rather than manual control of the radiator shutters was introduced, a new wooden propeller with wider blades. Of the minor innovations, one can note a photo-movie machine gun on the left half of the wing, fairings for MG-17 machine guns, a hatch for accessing the manual engine start drive, and a friend or foe identification system.

Various factory variants of this modification included the Ju-87B-2/U2 with an improved radio, the Ju-87B-2/U3 with increased armor protection for use as a close support aircraft, and the Ju-87B-2/U4 with a ski chassis. In addition, there was a version of the Jn-87B-2 / Trop for service in North Africa - with an air filter and a set of accessories for operation in the desert. The last model, along with the usual Ju-87B-2s, were delivered to Italy (where they were called "Picciatello"); in addition, Ju-87B-2s were transferred to Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

By the start of World War II, Germany had 336 Ju-87B aircraft in combat units, the production of all variants of the Ju-87B-2 is estimated at about 827 aircraft.

Ju-87A-1 Ju-87B-1 Ju-87B-2 Ju-87C-1
Crew 2
Length, m 10.78 11.10 11.10 11.00
Height, m 3.89 4.01 4.01 3.77
Wing span, m 13.80
Wing area, m2 31.90
Wing loading, kg/m
106.6 136 136 141
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2300 2710 2750 2900
Maximum takeoff weight 3400 4250 4250 4510
PE Jumo 210D Jumo 211A-1 Jumo 211Da Jumo 211Da
Power, hp/kW 680/500 1000/736 1200/883 1200/883
Maximum speed km/h 320 383 380 380
at altitude, m 4000 4090 4090 4090
Time to altitude min 23 12 12 13,4
m 3000 4000 4000 3000
Service ceiling, m 7000 8000 8000 8000
Service range, km 1000 790 790 1160
Machine-guns 2 3 3 3
External bomb load, kg 500 700 700 700
Photo Description
Drawing Ju 87 B-2

Drawing Ju 87 B-2

Ju-87B-2, North Africa

Ju-87B-2, North Africa.

Junkers Ju 87B in flight

Junkers Ju 87B in flight


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