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Aircraft Yu-87R (Reichweite - Long-range) was its version with the increased range. This machine formed for antyship and other operations requiring of the increased reserve of fuel. Main difference Ju-S7R became change of a design of outer wings for installation in them of two 150-liter tanks and addition 240-liter tank in a wing center section. Besides under consoles two holders who bore two 150-liter expendable tanks instead of four 50-kg of bombs have been established.

Thus, bombing loading of the machine made only 250 kg. Ju-87R has gone into service in limited quantity in the spring 1940 and also it was made in four versions, from Ju-87R-1 up to Ju-87R-4 which were similar to versions Ju-87R-1 - Ju-87R-4. During time "Fights for England", and later and on East front, it was straightened out, that Ju-52 is very vulnerable without cover by fighters.

A total of 5,700 Ju-87 aircraft of all modifications were produced.

Ju-87 Specification
Ju-87G-2 Ju-87H-1 Ju-87R-2
Crew 2
Length, m 11.50
Height, m 3.88 3.88 4.01
Wing span, m 15.00 15.00 13.80
Wing area, m2 33.68 33.68 31.90
Wing loading, kg/m² 195 156.1 177.2
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 3930 x 2750
Maximum takeoff weight 5960 5000 4350
PE Jumo 210J-1 Jumo 211J-1 Jumo 211Da
Power, hp/kW 1420/1044 1420/1044 1200/883
Maximum speed km/h 380 380 410
at altitude, m 4090 4090 4100
Time to altitude min 12 13.4 19
m 4000 3000 5000
Service ceiling, m 8000 8000 7285
Service range, km 790 1160 1535
Machine guns 3 3 3
External bomb load, kg     500
Photo Description
Drawing Ju 87 R-2

Drawing Ju 87 R-2

Ju-87 R-1, 1941

The Ju-87R-1 in vicinities of Minsk, end of summer, 1941


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