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Machine Gun of Double Calibre

15/20 mm


The MG-151 machine gun has been created by firm "Mauser". The machine gun had two interchangeable trunks: calibre of 15 mm in length of 1250 mm and calibre of 20 mm in length of 1100 mm. Change of calibre was made by a simple rebarreling. As 20 mm are considered already cannon calibre in the literature MG-151 machine gun from 20-mm a trunk frequently completely fairly is named Ā«20-mm MG-151 cannonĀ».

The MG-151 machine gun was widely applied both in wing, and in synchronous variant.

The automatics of the MG-151 worked due to recoil of a trunk.

The feed of a machine gun by cartridges at shooting was made from a flexible metal tape.

The reload of a machine gun was made by means of the electromotor. For absorption of energy of recoil of mobile system the machine gun had, except for trunk and buffer springs, also the special buffer collected from conic cutting rings.

General length of a machine gun at 15-mm a trunk - 1920 mm, at 20-mm a trunk - 1770 mm.

Weight of a machine gun without a tape (at any trunk) 42 kg. Rate of shooting of 800-900 shots/minutes.

Initial speed of 15-mm of a bullet of 800-850 km/s, 20-mm of a shell - 780 km/s.

Length of all cartridges of 146 mm, weight of a propellant charge for shells in weight 115 g - 18.5 g and for shells in weight 92 g - 19.5 g. A sleeve steel in the length 81 mm.

Guns MG-151/20 were made under the license in Japan. They had been armed some types of the Japanese fighters, switching KI-61 (two 20-mm MG-151 cannons and a two 7.7-mm Japanese "Type 89" machine gun).

MG 151 on the Me 109


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