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20 mm


The 20mm MG-FF cannon was created by Oerlikon. It was used in wing and turret installations.

This gun had an electric trigger, an electric pneumatic recharge and an electric alarm. The control of the gun was push-button.

Full length of the gun is 1370 mm, barrel length is 822 mm. The weight of the gun with electrical equipment, but without the magazine: in the wing version, 28 kg, in the turret version, 33.5 kg.

The wing cannon had a magazine for 60 rounds, a turret for 15.

The MG-FF cannon's ammunition included the same shells as the 20mm MG-151 cannon, but the liner length and flange diameter of the MG-FF liner were shorter than those of the MG-151. The propellant charge was also less than that of the MG-151: for shells weighing 115 g - 13.5 g, and for shells weighing 92 g - 19.5 g. Accordingly, the ballistics of the MG-FF was worse.

Muzzle velocity 600 m/s instead of 780 m/s for MG-151. Rate of fire 520 rds/min.


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