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IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle)

Attack Fighter - Light Bomber

Fabrica Militar de Aviacion

The FMA IAe 24 Calquin "Kalkin" (Royal Eagle) is a strike aircraft (light bomber) designed by the FMA to replace the Douglas A8 bombers in the Argentine Air Force.

Solid wood twin-engine midwing with retractable landing gear.

Created by INSTITUTO AEROMECANICO on the basis of the design of the British De Havilland Mosquito bomber. The first twin-engine aircraft built in Argentina. The first flight was 02/25/1946 Serial production was carried out at the FMA in Cordoba, in 1946-47. 100 vehicles built.

The aircraft is equipped with two radial fourteen-cylinder twin-row PRATT & WHITNEY R 1830-SC-G TWIN WASP engines with a capacity of 1050 hp. Screws - three-bladed metal, variable pitch.

The armament consisted of four 20-mm HISPANO cannons, fixedly mounted on the lower nose of the fuselage, and 800 kg of bombs on an internal suspension in the bomb bay of the fuselage. Later, the cannons were replaced with 12.7-mm BROWNING machine guns, and guides for the NURS were installed under the wing plane.

The aircraft was in service with the Argentine Air Force until 1960. It was involved in the fight against partisans and insurgents.

IAe 24 Specification
Crew 2
Wingspan 16.3 mts (53.8 ft)
Length 12.0 mts (40.0 ft)
Height 03.4 mts (11.2 ft)
Two - Pratt & Whittney R-1830-SCG "Twin Wasp" at 2300 RPM 1050 hp
Maximum speed 440 km/h (238 kts)
Cruise speed, km/h 380 km/h (205 kts)
Service ceiling 10000 m (33,300 ft)
Service range 1,140 km (616 NM)
04 Browning .5 machine guns and a variety of bombs
and rockets of different weights and characteristics
FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle) FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle) FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle)
FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle) FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle) FMA IAe 24 Calquin (Royal Eagle)


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