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IAe 27 Pulqui I


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IAe 27 Pulqui I

The I.Ae. 27 Pulqui I was an Argentine jet fighter designed at the "Instituto Aerotecnico" (AeroTechnical Institute) in 1946 by a team lead by the French engineer Emile Dewoitine.

The prototype flew the 9 August 1947 commanded by the test pilot 1st. Ltnt. Osvaldo Weiss.

The fuselage was semi-monocoque with elliptical cross-section, air intake was in the nose and surrounded the cockpit. The reduced internal fuselage volume forced the fuel tanks to be installed exclusively in the wings, which resulted in a significant reduction of its range.

The history of this aircraft was short, as its performance was considered unsatisfactory and in the meantime the studies for the more evolved FMA IAe 33 Pulqui II were quite advanced. Nevertheless, its role in the history of aviation is quite significant as it was the first jet combat aircraft developed and built in Argentina and Latin America.

The restored prototype is currently at the National Aeronautics Museum ("Museo Nacional de Aeronautica") of the Argentine Air Force ("Fuerza Aerea Argentina"), at Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

IAe.27 Specification
Crew 1
Wingspan, m 11.25
Wing area, m² 19.70
Length, m 9.96
Height, m 3.39
Jet Rolls-Royce Derwent 5, kg 1633
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 1358
Loaded weight 3600
Maximum speed, km/h 720
Cruise speed, km/h 646
Climb, m/min 1500
Service ceiling, m 15500
Service range, km 900
4 X 20-mm Oerlikon 20 cannon 4
Photo Description
IAe.27 Pulqui I IAe.27 Pulqui I. Photo from Jorge Omar Santo Scorpino


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