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MB.210 Verdum

Medium Bomber


Bloch MB.210

MB.210 Verdum - All-metal medium night bomber of the Second World War with retractable landing gear, with a tail wheel. The aircraft was developed in the design office of the Société des Avions Marcel Bloch under the leadership of M. Blok. The first flight was made on November 23, 1934. It was a further development of the Bloch MB.200 design.

MV.210 undoubtedly significantly surpassed all medium bombers available at that time in the French Air Force in terms of flight data and carrying capacity.

The first serial bomber, MV 210 No. 1, was manufactured by the Blok plant. It was flown on December 12, 1935. It differed from the prototype mainly in its retractable landing gear and 14Kirs / Kjrs Gnome-Rhone engines with a maximum power of 900 hp. at an altitude of 4210 m, and a nominal 870 hp. at 3215 m.

The aircraft entered service with the French Air Force in December 1935.

Bloch MB.210 Specifications
Crew 5
Wing span, m 22.85
Wing area, m² 62.5
Wing loading, kg/m² 156
Length, m 18.84
Height, m 4.20
2 × PE Gnome Rhone GR 14N 10/11, power, hp 2 × 950
Thrust-to-weight ratio, hp / kg 0.204
Weight, kg:
Loaded weight 9,720
Gross weight 10,220
Maximum speed, km/h 322
Cruising speed, km/h 240
Service range, km 1,690
Service ceiling, m 9,850
3 × 7.5 mm MAC 1934 machine gun, bombs up to, kg 1,600

Photo Description

Drawing Bloch MB.210

Although the MV.210 has established itself as an extremely durable and reliable aircraft, practically not suffering from any serious defects, it was noted that its thrust-to-weight ratio was insufficient, and the engines were unreliable. Several cars crashed during takeoff as a result of overheating and jamming of the Gnome-Ron 14K engines. In this regard, all units of the French Air Force armed with MB. 210, were ordered to stop flying until the aircraft were re-equipped with Gnome-Ron 14N10 / 11 engines. The latter were distinguished by an increased surface of the cylinder fins and developed 910 hp. on takeoff and 950 hp. at an altitude of 3710 m.

At the beginning of World War II, the 11th, 12th, 19th, 21st, 23rd and 51st bomber squadrons were fully armed with MV.210. Each of them consisted of two groups of 13-16 vehicles. Although the installation of the Gnome-Roy 14N10 / 11 engines made the aircraft extremely reliable, but its obsolescence was already recognized by everyone. Therefore, before being withdrawn from the front for rearmament to more modern vehicles, units equipped with MV.210 managed to make only a few sorties for night reconnaissance.


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