Aviation of WWII
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Er-2 with engines AM-37, 1941-1942.

Er-2 with engines M-30B.

The first prototype bomber DB-240 (with engines M-105) for production tests.

In late 1941 - early 1942, 421st Aviation Regiment received two or three Er-2, engines AM-35A and AM-37. In addition to the engines, they differ from production vehicles with heavy machine guns BT in all firing points.

Er-2 with aviation diesels M-30B and experienced a four screws AV-9EL-116

One of the first of modified Er-2 with a double cabin. At high magnification shows that the dark stripes on the unpainted surfaces are repeatedly repeated inscription "ALCLAD". Thus, the design of Er-2 partially used American duralumin sheet (clad layer of corrosion-resistant pure aluminum) - alklad, goes to the USSR under the Lend-Lease.

The same aircraft Er-2 with engines ACh-30B during refueling from tanker of "Studebaker US6". Factory team in combat regiments assembled a new two-seat cockpit with large areas remained unpainted surfaces.

Veterans of the Irkutsk aircraft factory contend that the idea of "rectification" nose belongs to the factory constructor FR Kugel. Chief Designer VG Yermolaev approved this decision, as the complexity of manufacturing the fuselage is substantially diminished.