Aviation of WWII
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Photos & Drawings

Photo Discription

For first I-200


DIS MiG-5 engines AM-37

DIS MiG-5 engines M-82

MiG-9 (I-210) with M-82A, Autumn-Winter 1941.

MiG-3U (I-230)


The first prototype, I-200

The first prototype, I-200

The first copy of the fighter MiG-3U (I-230, D).

Knocking out oil through the gearbox shaft seal, especially when flying above the altitude. This phenomenon was observed in all the flights, and the machine returns to the airfield to the fuselage, drenched with oil from nose to tail.

I-230 (D-01) after the modifications. Scheme is modified camouflage bow part, the new engine exhaust pipes.

Fighter I-231 (2D) with engine AM-39.