Aviation of WWII
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RAF. People and Aircraft.

Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
June 1940
110 Blenheim R3600
This aircraft survived until 6 May 1941 when it was shot down while attacking a convoy.  
January 1940
226 Battle K9330
'Tin Lizzie'
Tin Lizzie was not airworthy when the squadron was forced to abandon Rheims on 16 May and was set on fire and destroyed  
115 Wellington X3662
Vickers Wellington X3662/KO:P was a survivor and after 36 raids was retired to serve with No 20 OTU. It was lost in a ditching off Skye on 8 October 1943.  
105 Mosquuito IV DZ360 'GB/А' failed to return from Termonde on 22 December 1942 F/Sgt J. E. Cloutier and Sgt A. C. Foxley were both killed in action
DZ353 'GB/E'* failed to return from Rennes on 8 June 1944 F/L H. Steere DFM and F/O K. W. 'Windy' Gale DFC RAAF were killed in action
DZ367 'GB/J' flown on the Eindhoven raid by F/О W. С.S. 'Bill' Blessing, failed to return from Berlin on 30 January 1943 S/L D.F W. Darling DFC and F/O W. Wright were both killed in action
DK336 'GB/P' lost its starboard engine returning from a raid on Copenhagen on 27 January 1943, struck a balloon cable and a tree, and crashed at Yaxham, Norfolk killing Sgt R. Clare and F/O Е. Doyle
DZ378 'GB/K' was damaged on 20 December 1942 after two sorties  
DZ379 'GB/H' later joined 139 Squadron at Wyton, and on 17 August 1943, the diversion for the Peenenmunde raid, failed to return from Berlin when it was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at Berge, Germany F/O Cook, the American pilot, from Wichita Falls, Texas, and his navigator, Sgt D.A.H. Dixon, were killed

* - later served with 139 Squadron, becoming AZ-B of 627 Squadron.

Photo Airfield
Sqdn Type No Accident Crew
Middleton St George
summer 1941
76 Halifax L 9530
Halifax L9530 on 12/13 August 1941, when it was one of two from No 76 Squadron that failed to return from Berlin Flt Lt Christopher Cheshire and his crew survived as a prisoner of war
July 1943
77 Halifax DT807
This bomber was lost on its 32nd sortie, on 3/4 October 1943 during the Kassel raid.  
March 1942
7 Stirling W7466
W7466/MG:B, with P Off M. R. Green and crew, failed to return from its sixth sortie, the Liibeck raid later in the month, crashing at Gnutz.  
Downham Market
June 1942
218 Stirling N3725
On its 31st operational sortie, on 14/15 September 1942, with P Off J. С Frankcombe and crew, N3725 lost the starboard outer over Wilhemshaven. It was nursed back to the vicinity of home base, only to have the remaining engine on the starboard wing cease to function. The aircraft immediately did a wing-over and crashed near Stoke Ferry. Only the wirless operator and the mid-upper gunner survived, badly injured.
March 06 1945 550 Lancaster PA995
Vuture Strices
This bomber failed to return from its next operation with another crew on 7/8 March to Dessau. Fg Off George Bladder is in the cockpit.
August 1940 49 Hampden Р1333
A few nights after this photograph was taken, on 16/17 August 1940, PI 333 was one of two Hampdens that failed to return from an attempt to bomb the Merseburg oil plants. Flt Sgt M. Stetton and crew crash-landed in the Netherlands and were taken prisoner.
PI347/ EA:D, which succumbed to flak on 4/5 September 1940 crew were killed