Aviation of WWII
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Fairy Battle N3725/HA:D, of No 218 Squadron.

(Rus)  News media propaganda held the Fairy Battle to be a modern bomber well able to fend for itself. Front-line sorties during the 'Phoney War' period of winter 1939-40 soon suggested that the type was far too vulnerable to fighter interception. Battle K9330/ MQ:W of No 226 Squadron, nicknamed Tin Lizzie by its regular crew, stands on snowy Rheims airfield in January 1940, one of some 150 Battles available in France. Few survived light flak and fighters during the German Blitzkrieg of May 1940. Tin Lizzie was not airworthy when the squadron was forced to abandon Rheims on 16 May and was set on fire and destroyed. (IWM C602)