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Warplanes in Accordance to Lend-Lease Terms to the USSR

Boris Safonov (on the right) and Britain pilots from 151-th Wing Kennet Vood and Charlton Hou at autumn 1941.

On some data German air industry and industry of the occupied countries (from 1 of September, 1939 and up to the end of WWII) were made 113,515 planes of all types. Against Germany was at war: 582,000 planes were made in the Soviet Union, Great Britain and USA (total): the ratio approximately 1:5.

In Soviet Union during WW2 were supplied in accordance to Lend-Lease terms: fighters — 13,981, bombers — 3,652, flying boats — 206, observation aircrafts — 19, transport aircrafts — 719, training aircrafts—82. Total 18,659 aircrafts.


Were supplied in accordance to Lend-Lease terms in types of aircrafts: Pcs.
Bell Р-39 Airacobra 4,952
Hawker Hurricane 2,952
Bell Р-63 Kingcobra 2,421
Curtiss Р-40 2,134
Supermarine Spitfire 1,338
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 195
North American P-51 Mustang 10
Douglas A-20 Boston 2,771
North American B-25 Mitchell 861
Handly-Page HP. 52 20
Flying boats
Consolidated PBN-1 138
Consolidated PBY-6A 48
Vout OS2U Kingfisher 20
Observation aircrafts
Curtiss O-52 Owl 19
Transport aircrafts
Douglas C-47 Dakota 707
Training aircrafts
North American AT-6 Teksan 82

These data are received from various sources, where often differ and are not final. However they give representation about the size of that help, received in the Soviet Union at World War II.


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