Aviation of WWII
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Taylorcraft. Vickers. Westland.

Photos and Drawings

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Vickers. Wellesley Mk.I

Vickers. Wellington Mk.IC

Westland. Lysander Mk.I

Taylorcraft "Auster" Mk I from 651st Squadron RAF, Damfri at autumn 1942.

Vickers. Wellesley Mk. I in flight.

The Vickers Wellington was the backbone of Bomber Command for three years. No 115 Squadron was one No 3 Group unit that did not convert to Stirlings, retaining its faithful Wellingtons until March 1943, when it was the first squadron in No 3 Group to convert to Lancasters. However, in flying more Wellington sorties than any other squadron in Bomber Command, it also suffered the highest losses with the type — more than a hundred, including crash-landings. X3662/KO:P was a survivor and after 36 raids was retired to serve with No 20 OTU. It was lost in a ditching off Skye on 8 October 1943. (IWM CHI6994)

Westland. Lysander Mk II from 225th Squadron, Odiham, 1940.

Westland. Lysander LY-125 from 2/LeLv 16 during refueling at July 1941.