Aviation of WWII
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Bell. Boeing.

Photos and Drawings

Photos Description
   Bell P 39N Drawing
   Bell Drawing P 39
   Bell Drawing P 59B-1
   Boeing Drawing B-17G
   Boeing Drawing B-29 Superfortress
   YP-59A Prototype
   A newly-manufactured B-17-40-VE, serial number (42-97991), enroute. The waist gun positions have been sealed to decrease drag and retain heat during the long ferry flight. (Norm Taylor Collection.)
   B-17G-30-DL (42-38091), was one of 2.395 manufactured by Douglas. Over 400 changes were made to the B-17E to achieve B-17F standard. The B-17G incorporated all of these and added the chin turret. (Norm Taylor Collection.)
   Combat veteran B-17Gs of the 600th Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group at Bradley Field, Connecticut are being serviced after their return flight from their wartime base in England. (Norm Taylor Collection.)
   B-29 Superfortress in flight
   A superfortress returns from a training mission, to its base at this Training Command B-29 Transition School
   YB-29 Superfortresses in flight.
   B-29A-30-BN, 42-94106, on a long range mission.
   Evening on August, 6, 1945. The B-29 "Enola Gay" on aerodrome North-Field before a raid to Hiroshima
   Enola Gay, a Silverplate version of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress landing after delivering Little boy over Hiroshima
   Royal Air Force Washington B.1 of No 90 Squadron RAF based at RAF Marham