Aviation of WWII
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Brewster. Consolidated.


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Brewster. F2A-2 Buffalo in flight.

Brewster. "Buffalo" Model 339D.

   XB-24 in flight
   B-24 photographed from above, showing the Davis wing design.

Consolidated. Three B-24D at the Mitchell Field before sending to England.

Consolidated. The B-24D with three machine guns in the nose.

Consolidated. "Maulin Mallard" from 93-d BG after 115 combat flight in USA at October 1945.

B-24 groups arriving in England and Italy during the winter of 1943-44 were equipped with the B-24H and J models. These featured improved armament, with a power-operated nose turret and a retractable ball turret. Unfortunately these features and revised equipment raised the overall weight of the Liberator, adversely effecting handling qualities as well as reducing operational altitude when fully loaded. The 701st Bomb Squadron's B-24J 2100404/ MK:S, The Grim Reaper, endured to the end of hostilities despite its forbidding name, although it was transferred to another group following repairs. The ball turret usually remained retracted until over enemy territory due to its drag when lowered; the guns can be seen pointing down from the well. To improve handling, most Eighth Air Force Liberators had their ball turrets removed in the spring of 1944, but the Fifteenth Air Force chose to retain theirs. (USAAF)

LB-30A ex-Diamond Lil from the Commemorative Air Force collection. Airframe returned to B-24A configuration and renamed Ol`927 B-24A/LB-30B.

B-24Ds of 93rd Bomb Group in formation. Nearest aircraft is Joisey Bounce (s/n 41-24226), wingman is The Duchess, (s/n 41-24147), and next higher is Bomerang (s/n 41-23722).

B-24M-20-CO Bolivar Jr (s/n 44-42151) 431st Bomb Squadron, 11th Bomb Group

Consolidated. Privateer PB4Y-2 in flight.

Consolidated. B-32A Dominator (42-108544) from 386-th Okinava base at August 1945. This aircraft was crashed during take-off, 28 August 1945.

Consolidated. XB-32-CO 41-141 on 28 February 1944.

Consolidated. PBN-1 from North Fleet before take-off.