Aviation of WWII
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Douglas. General Motors.


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Photo Description

Douglas TBD Devastator in flight

Boston AL693 'U' flown by F/L Johny Reeve and his crew on the Eindhoven raid. This photograph, taken during a practice flight just prior to the raid, shows WOP/AG (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) Jim 'Dintry' Moore in the rear gun turret with F/O 'Skeets' Kelly, who took photos of the raid from this aircraft. AL693 flew 31 sorties in 88 Sguadron between 23 March 1942 and 3 January 1943 before going to North Africa. In later served with 114 Squadron and was lost in a crash landing on 17 September 1943. (IWM)

Three SBD-1 from VBM-1 Squadron in flight at 1940 or 1941 beginning.

SBD-1 (2-MB-1, BuNo-1597) in flight.

A-26C from 386-th BG 554-th BS and A-26B from 553-rd BS.

TC-82 prototype during test flights in NII GVF.

General Motors. FM-2 "Wildcat" during test flight.

General Motors. TBM-3E from Royal Canadian Navy at 1950.