Aviation of WWII
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Lockheed Martin


Photo Description

Martin. B-10B from 28-th BS US Army Air Corps

Martin. Martin 167 at Egypt airfield.

Ventura II AE854 EG-J 'Joybelle' of 487 RNZAF Squadron with a bomb log showing 18 operations completed. On 28 March 1943 Venturas of 464 and 487 Squadrons damaged six ships in a raid on Rotterdam-Wilton and scored direct hits on three more. (Central Press)

Lockheed. P-38L-1 during test flights at NII VVS at beginning 1947.

Royal Air Force B-26 flying over Banja Luka during World War II.

A B-26 with extensive flak damage over Europe, September 1943.

U.S. Army Air Forces B-26B bomber in flight.

Closeup view of Martin B-26C in flight

Martin. B-26G "Marauder" - last modification.

The lone XB-26H, used for testing "bicycle" landing gear.