Aviation of WWII
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North American. Northrop.


Photo Description

North American. AT-6A from US Air Corp (41-16069) in flight, 6 March 1942.

North American. AT-6C during test flight at NII VVS

North American. A-36 fighter-bomber at Britain.

North American. "Mustang" I during test flight at NII VVS at June 1942

North American. First B-25 "Mitchell" (40-2165) at 1940.

North American. "Mitchell" B-25C.

North American. USAAF B-25C/D. Note the early radar fitted to the nose.

North American. "Mitchell" B-25D-25-NC (42-87145) from 377-th BS, 309-th BG in flight at 1943.

"Mitchell" B-25G from 823-rd BS, 38-th BG.

"Mitchell" B-25J

"Mitchell" B-25J-1 (43-27585) from 48-th BS, 41-st BG, Ivodzima, 27 July 1945.

Northrop. YP-61 "Black Widow" in flight.

Northrop. P-61 B-15 "Black Widow", test flight at 1945.