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Used in Flying the B-24D

Unlock access door eye height, right side, ahead of bomb doors. Reach in, pull auxiliary bomb valve and open doors. Take one last look forward to see that the pitot head covers have been removed. As you enter the plane the fuel shut-off valves and auxiliary hydraulic power switches are located immediately overhead. To the left as you enter the flight deck are the fuel sight gauges. Valves on the bottom of the gauges select the tank. For correct reading, Inclinometer outboard of gauges should read zero.

Seat adjustment controls for:

See Page 5

Up and down
Seat tilt
Back tilt
Fore and aft
Inboard control lever—outboard side of seat
Middle control lever—outboard side of seat
Outboard control lever—outboard side of seat
Control lever—front of seat in center

General: The following fuel capacity is provided:

Controls lock Co-Pilot's left hand on pedestal-lift to lock. Securing strap stowed over Pilot's head.
Ignition and Battery Co-Pilot's right hand—outboard forward.
Master Switch Two main battery switches above them AC power at Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Booster Pump, Starter, Primer and Oil Dilution Switches Co-Pilot's left hand—Instrument Panel. Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Cowl Flap Switches Co-Pilot's left hand on pedestal.
Prop Control Switches Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Intercooler Shutters Center of pedestal.
Tab Control Knobs Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Landing Gear Control Lever Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Wing Flap Control Lever Co-Pilot's left hand on pedestal.
De-icer and Anti-icer Controls Co-Pilot's left hand—instrument panel.
Defroster Defroster tubes under windshield right and left.
Heater Switch Co-Pilot's right hand—aft of battery switches.
Ventilators Outboard ends of Instrument Panel.
Landing Lights Co-Pilot's left hand on pedestal
Navigation and Formation Lights Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Recognition Lights Pilot's right hand—left side of pedestal.
Fluorescent Panel Light Pilot's right hand on pedestal.
Oxygen Regulators Pilot's left knee and Co-Pilot's right knee.
Radio Interphone Control Box Pilot's left elbow, Co-Pilots right. Throat microphone button on wheel.
Mixture Controls Right unit of control quadrant.
(Positions listed from forward to aft) Position 1. "Idle Cut Off:" Stops engines by shutting off gas flow.
Position 2. "Auto Lean:" Cruising position only. On the lean side. Not to be used at over 1400 RPM on run-up nor on operations requiring over 29.5 Hg. manifold pressure.
Position 3. "Auto Rich:" Run-up; take-off; landing. Operations requiring more than 28Hg. manifold pressure up to 14,500 feet altitude; over 14,500. 29.5 Hg.
Position 4. "Full Rich:" Emergency, Cuts out automatic mixture control and sets carburetor to full power mixture requirements.
Throttle Controls Center unit of control quadrant. "CLOSED" to"OPEN"
Turbo Supercharger Controls Left unit of control quadrant. "OFF" —to—"ON"
A.F.C.E. Flight Control Unit Turned on and handled by control switches on the A.F.C.E. panel at right of Pilot's control wheel axle.
For location of ALL controls used in flight, see "Location of Controls" section, Page 94.

29. Magnetic Compassand Light Rheostat; 33. Destruction Buttons; 79. Fast Feathering Switches

Photo Description

B-24D. Rudder control

B-24D. Aileron control

B-24D. Tab control

Locking action

Battery Accumulator
Control Stick Control Column
Cotter Pin Split Pin
Firewall Fireproof Bulkhead
Vertical Stabilizer Fin
Surface Controls Flying Controls
Surface Control Lock Locking Gear
Wing Main Plane
Clevis Pins and Clevises Pins and Shackles
Mooring Rings Picketing Rings
Left Port
Pitot Tube Pressure Head
Right Starboard
Horizontal Stabilizer Tail Plane
Empennage Tail Unit
Landing Gear Undercarriage
Multiply By To Obtain
U. S. Gallons (gal.) 0.833 (Imp. gal.) Imperial Gallons
U S. Gallons 3.785 (1) Liters
(Imp. gal.) Imperial Gallons 4.546 (1) Liters
Miles per hour (mph) 1.609 (KmPH) Kilometers per hour
Miles per hour 0.8684 Knots
Miles 1.609 (Km) Kilometers
Miles 0.8684 Nautical Miles
Feet (ft.) 0.3048 (M) Meters
Inches (in.) 2.54 (cm) Centimeters
Pounds (lb.) 0.4536 (Kg) Kilograms
Pounds per sq. in.
(lbs./sq. in.)
0.0703 (Kg/sq. cm)
Kilograms per square Centimeter
Inches of Mercury (in. Hg.) 2.54 (cm Hg.) Centimeters of Mercury
Horse Power (h.p.) 1.014 (m.h.p.) Metric Horse Power
Degrees Centigrade
(°C) + 17.8
1.8 (°F) Degrees Fahrenheit

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