Aviation of WWII
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Manuals B-24D Flight Manual


A shut-off valve on the rear spar permits shutting off the oxygen supply to all outlets. This valve is normally safetied open. A manually operated flow regulator is at each outlet.

Oxygen is supplied by 10 to 18 oxygen bottles located at various points in the fuselage aft of the flight deck. Airplanes not equipped with auxiliary wing tank fuel cells have only 10 bottles (5 in each wing outboard of wheel wells).

118. Oxygen Shut-off Valve

Oxygen Indicators — Regulator dial at each outlet is marked in thousands of feet. When the regulator is set at the flying altitude, an attached flow dial indicates amount of flow.

Location of Controls

Oxygen Outlets. At each crew station and at right of flight deck hatch in bomb bay.

Main Shut-Off Valve. On rear spar to right of center line. Available from radio compartment over rear bomb bay.