Aviation of World War II

Aviation of World War II

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Newspaper "Soviet Siberia" September 22, 1944

ORDER of Supreme Commander

Marshal of the Soviet Union GOVOROV

The troops of the LENINGRAD Front, going on the offensive from the area north of TARTU, broke through the heavily fortified enemy defenses, advanced up to 70 kilometers in four days of offensive battles and expanded the breakthrough to 120 kilometers along the front, freeing more than 1,500 settlements, including large settlements MAGDALENA, MUSTVE, IYGEVA, AVINURME.

At the same time, west of the city of NARVA, the troops of the Leningrad Front fought for three days advanced up to 60 kilometers and occupied more than 300 settlements, including IYHVI, KYUREMAE-KYULA, VASKNARVA and the SONDA railway junction.

In battles when breaking through the enemy’s defenses, the troops of Lieutenant General FEDIUNINSKY, Lieutenant General STARIKOV, the Estonian Corps of Lieutenant General PERN, Lieutenant General SIMONYAK, Lieutenant General POLENOV, Major General TRUBOCHEV, Major General LOMBAK, Colonel ALLIKAS distinguished themselves , Major General PUTILOV, Major General SHCHEGLOV, Major General BORSCHEV, Major General LYASHCHENKO, Colonel ZINOVEV; artillerymen Colonel General of Artillery ODINTSOV, Major General of Artillery VASILYEV, Major General of Artillery KAZAKOV, Major General of Artillery POCHITALIN, Major General of Artillery LYADUSOV, Major General of Artillery ROGOZIN, Colonel GNIDIN, Colonel KATUNIN, Lieutenant Colonel GERASIMENKO, Colonel KORPACHEV, Colonel KORPACHEV , DEGTYAREV, Colonel LIZYUKOV, Lieutenant Colonel Tsvetkov, Colonel PATIFOROV, Colonel STEIN; tankers Lieutenant General of Tank Troops BARANOV, Colonel MIRONOVICH, Colonel KOVALEVSKY, Major ALEINIKOV, Lieutenant Colonel FEDOROV, Lieutenant Colonel BARILOV, Lieutenant Colonel SAENKOV, Lieutenant Colonel BARSHEVA, Major PRIMACHENKO, Lieutenant Colonel KARTASHEV; Major KOBOZEV, Lieutenant Colonel KRASNIK, Lieutenant Colonel CHESNOKOV, Lieutenant Colonel GRITSEV, Major KUZNETSOV; pilots of Lieutenant General of Aviation RYBALCHENKO, Major General of Aviation ANDREEV, Colonel KHATMINSKY, Colonel GRESKOV, Colonel MATVEEV, Lieutenant Colonel MUKHIN, Lieutenant Colonel MEKHANNIKOV; sappers of Lieutenant General of the Engineering Troops BYCHEVSKY, Colonel ZVANGER, Lieutenant Colonel KULYANITSKY, Lieutenant Colonel VOROBYEV, Colonel AKATOV, Lieutenant Colonel AFANASIEV, Lieutenant Colonel KULTYAEV, signalmen of Lieutenant General of the Signal Corps KOVALEV, Colonel BAKHILIN.

In commemoration of the victory, formations and units that have distinguished themselves most in battles when breaking through the enemy’s defenses are to be presented and awarded orders.

Today, September 20, at 10 p.m., the capital of our Motherland, MOSCOW, on behalf of the Motherland, salutes the valiant troops of the Leningrad Front, including the Estonian Corps of Lieutenant General Parn, who broke through the German defenses, with twenty artillery volleys from two hundred and twenty-four guns.

For excellent military operations, I APPRECIATE THANKS to the troops led by you, who participated in the battles when breaking through the enemy's defenses.

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the battles for the freedom and independence of the Motherland!

Death to the German invaders!


Marshal of the Soviet Union I. STALIN. September 20, 1944


I send you, my dear countrymen, my heartfelt greetings and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your numerous congratulations.

The Soviet government, the Bolshevik Party and the great Stalin awarded me the third Gold Star medal and awarded me the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for the third time.

There are no words, not enough feelings to express my sincere gratitude to my beloved Motherland and Comrade Stalin for this great honor and award for me.

I swear to my Motherland, my Bolshevik Party, our great comrade Stalin, that I will use all my strength, knowledge and skill in the fight against the Nazi invaders to justify this award.

The Soviet people, and with them you, my fellow Siberians, showed the wonders of heroic labor in the rear to help the Red Army in its fight against the insidious and powerful enemy of our Motherland - German fascism.

In a difficult year for the Motherland, on the orders of Comrade Stalin, industrial enterprises from the west were evacuated to the east.

You have done a great job of settling the evacuated industrial enterprises in the new location. You have given and are giving to the country and the Red Army everything necessary to fight the enemy of the Motherland.

In a deadly battle with German fascism, our Red Army, under the brilliant leadership of Comrade Stalin, dealt a mortal blow to the German army, cleanses our sacred lands from Nazi scum.

Big victories have been won. But we must always and in everything remember the words of Comrade Stalin, who demands not to be arrogant about the successes achieved, but, on the contrary, to exert even more strength and skill in order to achieve final victory.

A wounded animal must be killed in its own lair.

There are still difficult and intense battles ahead. The Red Army will need many shells, tanks, aircraft, guns, motor vehicles, uniforms, bread and other types of food in order to fall upon the enemy with renewed vigor and destroy him.

Let's give all this to the Motherland and the Red Army in sufficient quantity and excellent quality!

In the congratulatory telegrams and letters I received from you, you give our government and the Bolshevik Party a promise to fulfill and exceed all state plans and obligations ahead of schedule.

I am sure that you will fulfill your obligations with honor.

Give the Motherland and the Red Army more steel, cast iron, tanks, guns, planes, motor vehicles, more bread and livestock products - this way you will help the Red Army deliver the final mortal blow to the enemy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wishes for new combat successes.

I will try to come to you to personally thank you for your congratulations and wishes and find out how you fulfill your obligations.

I wish you good health and new successes in your work for the benefit of our Motherland.



Today, at one of the factory airfields, a delegation of workers from the Novosibirsk region presented their famous countryman, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Colonel Alexander Pokryshkin with a wonderful gift - a large group of fighters.

On the green field of the airfield, lined up in one line, there are high-speed fighters designed by Lavochkin - the pride of the Soviet aircraft industry. On the left side of each car there is an inscription - "To Alexander Pokryshkin from the workers of Novosibirsk."

In front of the formation of aircraft there is a tribune decorated with flags and banners. The Colonel-Generals of Aviation TT rise to the podium. Shimanov and Ilyutin, three times Hero of the Soviet Union Guards Colonel Pokryshkin, twice Heroes of the Soviet Union Rechkalov, Heroes of the Soviet Union vols. Trud and Fedorov, delegates of Novosibirsk vols. Protasov, Lomov, Tumovsky and Golovizina.

A rally dedicated to the transfer of a gift from Novosibirsk to the aviation unit commanded by Alexander Pokryshkin is opened by Air Colonel General Shimanov. He gives the floor to the head of the Novosibirsk delegation, comrade. Protasov:

Comrades! On behalf of the working people of the city of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Region, I greet our glorious fellow countryman - three times Hero of the Soviet Union Guards Colonel Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin and his fighting friends twice Hero of the Soviet Union Comrade. Rechkalov, Heroes of the Soviet Union vols. Trud and Fedorov, and in their person - the entire personnel of the military aviation formation.

Novosibirsk, where he was born, studied and began his career Alexander Pokryshkin during the Great Patriotic War became one of the most powerful military arsenals, supplying the front with weapons, ammunition and equipment. We Siberians do not hear the artillery cannonade, the front is far from us, but the front line passes through the heart of every patriot. We know that in the bullet that killed the German, in the shell that smashed the fascist tank, there is our work, our boundless love for the Motherland and our fierce hatred for the enemy. The six largest plants in Novosibirsk have won the championship in the All-Union socialist competition and for a long time hold the challenge red banners of the State Defense Committee and the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks.

Siberians tirelessly help to strengthen the combat power of the Red Army and their personal savings. In honor of the high government award - the third Gold Star medal, which was awarded to our countryman, the working people bought these combat aircraft with their personal savings and instructed us to donate them as a gift to the air unit commanded by Comrade. Pokryshkin.

Sending us here, the workers of Novosibirsk asked, together with the machines, to convey to the Stalinist falcons an order: “Beat the hated, German-fascist beast until its final destruction in its own lair. Take revenge on the enemy for all his atrocities, for the blood and tears of our children, women and the elderly.

The next speaker is a member of the delegation comrade. Lomov is a representative of the Sibmetallstroy plant, Pokryshkin's comrade for study and work

— Comrade pilots! - he says - Working engineers, technicians of the plant where Comrade Pokryshkin began his career, greet their glorious hero with labor exploits. Our factory from month to month holds the challenge red banner of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b).

Sibmetallstroy initiated the pre-October socialist competition. He will honor his obligations. In workshops, spans, brigades, a competition was organized for the right to assign the best name to comrade. Pokryshkin. We hand over to you, comrade. Pokryshkin fighting vehicles. The working people of Novosibirsk asked me to tell you that they will spare no effort to defeat the Nazis!

Alexander Pokryshkin speaks in response. He assures his countrymen, the party, the government, the great Stalin, that he will continue to mercilessly beat the hated enemy.

— Your gift, dear countrymen, — he says — will be in good hands. The pilots of my unit swear to you to beat the enemy even better on your wonderful machines.

Comrade Shanin greets the Soviet pilots on behalf of the engineers and workers who built the aircraft for Pokryshkin's gift.

Art. Protasov gives Pokryshkin, Rechkalov, Trud and Fedorov folders with car forms. The orchestra plays a solemn march. The delegates hug and kiss Pokryshkin to his friends.

Gift accepted. Ahead of new deeds, new military exploits. The enemy will soon see menacing machines in the sky with inscriptions - "Alexander Pokryshkin from the workers of Novosibirsk."


City N. 21 September. (TASS).

Pokryshkin speaks at a rally on September 21, 1944.

Alexander Klubov. However, these plans were not destined to come true. Pokryshkin's regiment never moved to La-7 ...

April 30, 2015

"La-7 Pokryshkin from fellow countrymen. Moscow Aviation Plant No. 381 September 21, 1944"

What a shame, like a serious site, and not checking reprint the "yellow press".

First of all, AI Pokryshkin is from Novosibirsk. And Muscovites to him cannot be countrymen by definition.
And secondly, in the photo of the Yak-9 modification "K" or "T". Which was really presented to him by the workers of plant No. 153 (Novosibirsk) in the 44th.

All this could be found in Wikipedia, if someone does not know.


April 30, 2015

A delegation of fellow countrymen from Novosibirsk arrived at the Moscow plant to present Pokryshkin with La-7 aircraft built with their money. Behind Alexander Ivanovich we see the La-7 planes.

Vyacheslav Cherkashin

May 02, 2015

Well, it is written in Russian on newspaper pages that have turned yellow from time to time that a DELEGATION from Pokryshkin's fellow countrymen came to Moscow to hand over their planes to the famous ace.
About A.I. Pokryshkin on Lavochkin's plane in the memoirs of Dmitry Alekseev