Aviation of WWII
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Photos and Drawings
MBR-2 Drawing MBR-2 with М-17, MBR-2 with М-34
Be-4 Drawing Be-4
Be-8 Drawing Be-8
I-5 Drawing I-5
R-5 Drawing R-5
Po-2 1927; Po-2 at WW2; Po-2; Po-2; Po-2; U-2VS, U-2VS #4504, U-2NAK, U-2ShS, U-2ShS, U-2M Drawing Po-2; U-2VS; U-2NAK; U-2ShS; U-2M
I-15 1933; I-15 in the Spain Drawing I-15
Photo I-15bis 1939; I-15bis # 3368; I-15bis, 1943 Drawing I-15bis
I-153 # 6005, I-153 Chaika Drawing I-153
System "Part" SPB, at summer 1938 Drawing I-16 type 4
I-16 type 5, I-16 # 1021582 with TK-1 Drawing I-16 tipe 5
Photo I-16 type 20, I-16 type 24, I-16 type 29, I-16 type 29 Drawing I-16 type 10, I-16 type 29
Photo I-17 Drawing I-17
VIT-1 1937  
VIT-2 1938 Drawing VIT-2
  Drawing SPB
  Drawing TIS-А
NB (T) Drawing NB (T)
I-180-3 Drawing I-180-1
I-180 C, 1940  
I-185 Draw I-185 M-82A, I-185 M-71
I-190 Drawing I-190
DB-3, DB-3 Drawing DB-3 (2 x M-85)
DB-3 Drawing DB-3 TP (2 x М-86), TsKB-54-1, TsKB-54-2
DB-240 Drawing DB-240
Er-2, 1941, Er-2 Drawing Er-2 wih AM-37
Er-2 wih M-30B, Er-2 wih MB-100 Drawing Er-2 wih M-30B
BSh-2 No 1 , Il-2 No 2 Drawing Il-2, 1941
Il-2 , Il-2 with the NS-37 cannon at 1943 Drawing Il-2, 1942; Il-2 , 1943
Il-4 1938, DB-3F Drawing Il-4
LaGG-3 No.3121715; Late LaGG-3; LaGG-3 # 31213445 Drawing LaGG-3; LaGG-3 3-rd series; LaGG-3 4-th series
La-5 M-82A, La-5UTI, La-5UTI Drawing La-5, La-5F
La-5F in flight, La-5FN 1943; La-5FN # 95 Drawing La-5FN.
La-7 Drawing La-7 (with two ShVAK)
La-9, La-9 Drawing La-9
134 Fighter, La-11 ser 51210768 Drawing La-11
I-200 #1; MiG-3 #2107; MiG-3 #3595; MiG-3 at 1941 Drawing I-200 MiG-3
I-200 #1; MiG-3 with RS-82; MiG-3 with BK; MiG-3; MiG-3  
I-230; I-230; I-230; I-231 Drawing I-230; I-231
MiG-5, T; MiG-5, IT Drawing MiG-5, T; MiG-5, IT
MiG-9; MiG-9E Drawing MiG-9
Pe-2 Drawing Pe-2 «100», Pe-2 1941
  Drawing Pe-2 ser.110, Pe-2 ser.350
Pe-2 with M-82 Drawing Pe-2 with M-82
Pe-3bis Drawing Pe-3, Pe-3bis
Pe-8 with AM-35А, Pe-8 ON, Pe-8 ON, Pe-8 Drawing Pe-8
  Drawing Su-1
SZ-2 M-62 Drawing SZ-2 M-62
Su-2 M-82 Drawing Su-2 M-82
Su-2 M-88 Drawing Su-2 M-88
  Drawing Su-3
Su-6 M-71F; Su-6 AM-42; Su-8 2M-71F; Drawing Su-6; BB M-71; Su-8 2M-71
Su-12 Drawing Su-12
SB 1934 Drawing SB-2М-100, SB-2М-103, 1939
Ar-2; Ar-2 at 1941 Drawing Ar-2
TB-3; The Zveno (Flight) SPB system with I-16 Drawing TB-3 with the M-17F engines
103U; 103U Drawing 103U
Tu-2VS, 1942; Tu-2VS Drawing Tu-2VS
Ту-2C, 1944 г. ; Tu-2C, 1946 Drawing Tu-2C
Yak-2; M-103 engine Drawing Yak-2
BB-22bis; M-105 engine Drawing Yak-4
I-26-2; Yak-1 c/n 0105; Yak-1M; Yak-1M Drawing Yak-1; Yak-1М
Yak-3 1943, Yak-3; Yak-3 Drawing Yak-3
Yak-7 Drawing Yak-7В
Yak-7V; Yak-7V c/n 2203 Drawing Yak-7V
Yak-9 c/n 0401, Yak-9У, modern ephoto Drawing Yak-9
Yak-9K Drawing Yak-9K
Yak-9M Drawing Yak-9M
Yak-9T, Yak-9DD, Yak-9D #22 Drawing Yak-9D, Yak-9T
  Drawing Yak-9P
Yak-9U; Yak-9UT, Yak-9UT,Yak-9UT  
Yak-9UTI Drawing Yak-9V