Aviation of WWII
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FW 190A-4 (Werk Nr 142310) of I./JG 54

(Rus)  Captured by soviet troops Fw 190A-4 (Werk Nr 142310) of I./JG 54. Pilot Unteroffizier Helmut Brandt, made forced landing on the ice of Ladoga Lake on 13 January 1943 after air fight with pilots of the 158th IAP. Helmut Brandt shot off his propeller blades with a cannon round, thanks to a synchronizer failure, and he was unable to get his aircraft to his side of the front line. After lending on the ice of Lake Ladoga he tried to escape on skis, but was caught by Russian patrols. Later aircraft was tested at the Soviet AF SRI and send at BNT exhibition in TsAGI (G.F. Petrov collection).