Aviation of WWII
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New Updates

January 11, 2021. SB-2A BUCCANEER Dive Bomber. Brewster.

January 10, 2021. CR.25. Light bomber and recognaisance aircraft. Fiat.

January 08, 2021. P-43 LANCER Fighter. Republic.

January 03, 2021. VS44A. Transport flying boat. Vought-Sikorsky.

December 28, 2020. B-28 Dragon High altitude bomber. North American.

December 27, 2020. Ju-290. Long-range reconnaissance and transport aircraft. Junkers.

December 26, 2020. ANT-41 (T-1). Torpedo bomber. Myasishchev.

December 21, 2020. K-12. K-12 - Soviet experienced tailless bomber. Kalinin.

December 18, 2020. ANT-29. Two-seat cannon fighter. Tupolev.

December 17, 2020. DVB-102 Long-range high-altitude bomber. Myasishchev.

December 17, 2020. I-222 High Altitude Fighter-Interceptor. Mikoyan.

December 12, 2020. TB-1P Torpedo bomber. Tupolev.

December 10, 2020. CW-22 FALCON Reconnaissance bomber. Curtiss.

December 09, 2019. E13A Float reconnaissance seaplane. Aichi.

December 07, 2020. Hs 124. Multipurpose attack aircraft. Henschel.

December 07, 2020. Hs 130. High Altitude Reconnaissance aircraft. Henschel.

December 06, 2020. Hs 123. Dive bomber and attack aircraft. Henschel.

December 05, 2020. S.45 Seaford Flying Boat. Short.

December 05, 2020. S.19 Singapore Patrol Flying Boat. Short.

December 05, 2020. S.8 Calcutta Biplane Airliner Flying Boat. Short.

April 24, 2020. DH.91 Albatross Passenger Airliner, De Havilland.

April 12, 2020. Ju-188 Medium Bomber, Junkers.

August 28, 2019. Regarding photo of 405 Sqn Halifax W7802 LQ-T.

August 24, 2019. J8N Jet Fighter - Kitsuka (Kikka), Nakajima.

September 18 2017. Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. Journal "Flight" January 1945.

August 12 2017. The Aircraft Engineer. The Two-stroke Diesel Engine. Journal "Flight" December 1940

August 09 2017. The R.A.F. and the ARMY of World War II. Journal "Flight" December 1940

Yuly 28 2017. RUSSIA'S AIR FORCE of World War II. Journal "Flight" October 1941

Yuly 22 2017. THE SOVIET AIR FORCE. World War II - the Conflict of Fascism and Commounism in the Air? Journal "Flight" July 1941

March 04 2017. C-46 Commando, Military Transport Aircraf. Curtiss-Wright.

February 24 2017. "Ar.232 "Tausendfüßler" - one of the first truly modern cargo aircraft, designed and built by firm Arado Flugzeugwerke during World War II.

October 30 2016. Vickers-Armstrongs Limited was formed by the merger of the assets of Vickers Limited and Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Company in 1927. Sir Barnes Neville Wallace - British scientist, engineer and inventor began his work in the aviation industry in the development of airships.

October 27 2016. Handley Page Limited, founded at 1909, was best known for its large aircraft such as the Handley Page 0/400 and Halifax bombers and the H.P. 42 airliner.

October 25 2016. Founded in 1915 by Charles Richard Fairey (later Sir Richard Fairey) and Belgian engineer Ernest Oscar Tips on their departure from Short Brothers, the company first built under licence or as subcontractor aircraft designed by other manufacturers.

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