Aviation of WWII
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A-5M "Claude"

Shipborne Fighter


A5M2 Claude

First of six prototype flown on February, 1935, with production deliveries to Air Force commencing in the spring, 1937. Total 980 airplanes has made in modifications from A-5М1 up to A-5М4, last had an open cabin instead of closed. Besides 103 double basic trainer airplanes A-5М4-K have been made.

Total in Japanese maritime aviation was more 1000 such airplanes, they have been deduced from parts of the first line only in 1943. In war operations practically did not participate.

A5M4 Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 11.00
Length, m 7.56
PE Kotobuku 41, hp 690
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 1216
Maximum takeoff weight 1708
Maximum speed, km/h 447
Time to 3000m, min 3.9
Service ceiling, m 9800
Service range, km 740
Service range with external fuel tanks, km 1200
2 X 7.7-mm Type 89 machine guns, external bomb load, kg 60 *

* Usually instead of 50-kg bomb the fuel tank on 60l of fuel under a fuselage was established.


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