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Fighter - Interceptor


Kawasaki Ki 100 1a

The Kawasaki Ki-100 was a fighter-interceptor aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. The Japanese Army designation was "Type 5 Fighter".


Note: Ko, Otsu, Hei and Tei are the Japanese equivalents to a, b, c, d. Kai ('modified' or 'improved') was also used for some models of the Ki-61.

  • Ki-100. (prototypes): one batch of Kawasaki Ki-61 II KAI with radial engine. 3 built as such.
  • Ki-100 I-Ko. Fighter Type 5 of Army (Mark Ia) initial model of series, KI-61 II KAI modified. 271 built as such.
  • Ki-100 I-Otsu. (Mark Ib) full-vision canopy. 118 built as such.
  • Ki-100 II. Engine Mitsubishi Ha-112-II Ru with turbocharger, 1,120 kW (1,500 hp). 3 built as such.
  • Total production: 395 examples.
Ki-100 'Otsu' Specification
Ki-61-I KAIc Ki-100 Ia
Crew 1
Wing span, m 12.0
Wing area, m2 20
Length, m 8.94 8.82
Height, m 3.70
1xPE, hp Kawasaki Ha-40 /1,175 Mitsubishi Ha-62/1,500
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2,380 2,525
Maximum takeoff weight 3,470 3,495
Speed, km/h maximum 592 580
at altitude 4,860 6,000
Time to 5000m, min 7,0 6,0
Service ceiling, m 10,000 11,000
Service range, km 1,800 2,000
12.7-mm machine guns 4 2
20-mm cannon - 2
External bomb load, kg 500 500
Drawing Ki 100-I Drawing Ki 100-II Ki-100-II with damaged elevator


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