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Kokusai Ki-86A 1945
  • Trainer Aircraftт
  • First flight: 1943
  • Kokusai

Ki-86. Initial training aircraft for the Japanese Navy K9W1, developed by "Watanabe" (later "Kyushu") based on the German Bucker Bu 131B Jungmann, became the standard training aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

The good performance of the K9W1 brought it to the attention of the army, which ordered its production at the Nippon Kokusai Koku under the designation Ki.86. With the Army variant of the Hatsukaze 11, the Hitachi Ha 47, the first prototype was delivered at the end of 1943.

The serial model Ki.86a received the designation Aircraft of initial training army type 4. Its deliveries began in 1944 and the aircraft was going to replace the obsolete Ki.17. In February 1945, an all-wood version of the Ki.86b army aircraft was released, which, however, turned out to be 150 kg heavier and the project did not receive further development. A total of 1037 Ki.86s were produced.

Kokusai Ki-86a
Crew 2
Wing area, m 7.35
Length, m 6.62
Height, m 2.25
1 × PE Ha-47-11 Hitache, power hp. 1 × 110
Weights, kg
Empty weight 431
Loaded weight 631
Maximum speed, km/h 180
Cruise sprrd, km/h 120
Service ceiling, m 3,880
Service range, km
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Drawing Ki-86


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