Aviation of WWII
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Luftwaffe. People and Aircraft.

Photo Airfield
Gruppe   Aircraft   W Nr Accident Crew
August, 1941 JG 53 Bf 109F This Bf 109F flown by Günter Freiherr von Maltzahn (20.10.1910 - 24.06.1953), Kommodore of JG 53 'Pik As' shows forty-six victories on its rudder on August 1941.  
October 6, 1939
I/JG 26 Bf 109E W Nr
"Red 1" a Bf 109E, W Nr 3335 at Bonn-Hangelar on October 6, 1939. With this aircraft Leutnant Hans Berthel made the first air victory of the I/ JG 52. Last of his 6 victim on September 07, 1940, Spitfire. POW from September 15, 1940.  
III/JG 53 Bf 109F Bf 109F was flown by the Gruppenkommander of III./JG 53, Hpt Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke. On 25 June 1941, Wilcke was involved in a collision on take-off from Vilna in Bf 109 F-2 (W.Nr. 8104). Both aircraft involved in the incident were destroyed. On 23 March 1944, Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke died in the wreckage of his Bf 109 G-6 (W.Nr. 160 613). By the time of his death Wilcke had shot down 162 enemy aircraft in 732 combat missions.  
I./JG 1 Fw 190A-3 W Nr
Fw 190A-3, W Nr 0495, photographed when Heinz Hanke was Gruppenadjudant of I./JG 1. He had victories total 9 on Western Front. Last victory on March 18, 1944 (B-24).  
1943 JG 54 Bf 109 F Bf-109F 'Black 8' of JG 54 Oberfeldwebel Fritz Tegtmeier at 1943. August 1944 saw his appointment as Staffelkapitan of 3/JG-54. In March 1945 he transferred to JG-7 flying Me262 Jet. By the end of the war he had flown 530 combat missions and had 146 victories, died at 1999 aged 81.  
Photo Airfield
Gruppe   Aircraft   W Nr Accident Crew
late 1943 I./JG 54 Fw 190 Fw 190 of I./JG 54 flown by both Hans-Joachim Kroschinski and Fritz Tegtmeier in late 1943. On December 21, 1944 his Fw 190A-8 Werk Nr 380360 'Yellow 6' was hit by Pe-2 gunner, Kroschinski had bailed out. Lt. Hans-Joachim Kroschinski had shot down 76 enemy aircraft.  
December, 1941 JG 26 Bf 109F Bf-109F-2 of JG 26 Adolf Galland during an inspection tour in December 1941. By the end of the war he had flown 425 combat missions and had 104 victories, was awarded the Knights Cross, died at 1996.  
October 1943 JG 300 Fw 190A-6 550453 Fw 190A-6, Werk Nr 550453, 'Green 3' of Stab./JG300 flown by Friedrich-Karl Müller, October 1943.
Müller was killed in a landing accident at Salzwedel on 29 May 1944, when his Bf 109 G-6 Werk Nr 410827 stalled on landing approach at low altitude.
End of October 1940 JG 51 Bf 109F-1 5628
Bf 109F-1, Werk Nr 5628 of JG 51, Stammkennzeichen 'SG + GW' of Major Werner Mölders.
  Werner Moelders was killed when when his Heinkel He 111 crashed in fog at Breslau on 21st November, 1941. Werner Mölders flew more 300 missions during which he scored a total of 115 victories.


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