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Bf 108 Taifun
Multipurpose Trainer Aircraft

Me 108

The first prototype Bf 108V1 was flown on June 13, 1934. The aircraft was a cantilever low-wing aircraft with retractable main landing gear legs and a tail crutch, covered by a four-seat cockpit. The aircraft of the first batch, named Bf 108A, were equipped with 8-cylinder air-cooled Hirt НМ 8U engines (225 hp) - with the exception of one instance, which received a 6-cylinder Argus As 17В engine (220 hp).

Deliveries of pre-production Bf 108В-0 began in July 1935, serial ones in December. The modification "B" was equipped with an 8-cylinder V-shaped inverted piston Argus As 10C air-cooled engine with a capacity of 240 hp. with .. The wingspan was increased, the tail crutch was replaced with a wheel. Since 1939, only the military version of the B-2 with a folding wing began to be produced (the civilian version of the B-1 was originally produced as well).

Messerschmitt Bf.108B Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 10.50
Wing area, m² 16.40
Length, m 8.30
Height, m 2.30
1 × PE Argus As 10C 1 × 240
Maximum speed, km/h 300
Cruising speed, km/h 262
Service ceiling, m 4800
Service range, km 950
Payload, passengers 3

In the Luftwaffe, Bf 108B / D aircraft were used mainly as messengers. Aircraft were attached to groups and squadrons of combat aviation, Luftwaffe headquarters at various levels. For use in North Africa, some of the aircraft were modified to the Bf 108B-2 / trop variant. Also Bf 108 served in the so-called "German Air Service" (Deutsche Luftdienst), where they were used for various auxiliary purposes. There were "Typhoons" and in aviation schools, but there they were used most often as messengers, and not training.

Bf 108s have been exported quite widely. 6 Bf 108В-1 were ordered by the Hungarian Air Force, during the war against the USSR, Hungary delivered several more Typhoons. 12 Bf 108В-1 received Yugoslavia. The Swiss Air Force received 12 Bf 108В-1 in 1939, operating them until the early 50s.

10 Bf 108В-1 "in a package" with Bf 109Е fighters in 1940 were delivered to Romania. Bulgaria received 6 Bf 108В in 1941 under the same "package" conditions in 1941.

For testing in 1936, one Bf 108B was bought by Japan, and in 1940, two aircraft were delivered to the USSR. In 1939, the United States bought (or leased) three Bf 108Bs for the needs of its military and naval attaché in Berlin (they received the designation XC-44). After the US entered the war in December 1941, these vehicles were confiscated by Germany. One Bf-108В from 1939 to the early 50s. served in the Chilean Air Force.

4 Bf 108В, operated in Great Britain, after the outbreak of World War II were confiscated by the British government and for some time operated in the RAF under the designation "Messerschmitt" "Eldon". However, they had to be abandoned due to the danger of confusing the Eldon with the Bf 109. Due to the general similarity, instead of the Messer, Typhoons were often seen in post-war films.

Photo Description
Drawing Bf.108 B

Drawing Bf.108 B

Me 208

Messerschmitt Nord 1100
  • Multipurpose auxiliary aircraft
  • First flight: 1943
  • Messerschmitt, Nord

During World War II, the production of the Bf.108 Taifun was transferred to the occupied French territory, to the Nord Aviation (SNCAN) plant in Le Mureau, near Paris.

In 1943-1944, Nord built two prototypes of the Messerschmitt Me.208V-1, which differed from the Bf 108 in its retractable tricycle landing gear. The aircraft received tail numbers "GK+RZ" and "KR+BZ". The first flight of the Me.208 took place in July 1943.

After the completion of prototype testing, it was planned to release modifications of the V-2 and V-3, but they remained on paper.

Only one aircraft ("KR+BZ") survived before the liberation of France, and it was given the designation Nord 1100 Noralpha. The car became the basis for the creation of Nord 1101 and Nord 1102 variants with Renault 6Q 10 and 6Q 11 engines.

The production of aircraft continued until the beginning of 1944. The total number built in Germany (and occupied France) is estimated at 885 units, (of which 285 were made after the war in France as the Nord 1000 Penguin, French Nord 1000 Pingouin.).

Messerschmitt Nord Me.208V-1 Specification
Crew 1
Wing span, m 11.50
Wing area, m² 17.40
Length, m 8.85
Height, m 3.35
1 × PE Argus As 10C 1 × 240
Maximum speed, km/h 305
Cruising speed, km/h 275
Service ceiling, m 5900
Service range, km 1200
Payload, passengers 3
Photo Description
Схема Me.208

Drawing Me.208


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