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Bf-109B, Bf-109C и Bf-109D




Messerschmitt Bf-109 can be considered as a sample of the machine of this class. Produced before the World War 2 and during in quantity more, than 30500 copies, this airplane became the major part of the German military machine for all period of operations.

Bf-109 has appeared after the command of the German air forces in the beginning of 30th years has given the task for a fighter a monoplane of the "modern" scheme. First of 13 prototype flown on September, 1935. Bf-109B were deliveries to Luftwaffe (in two versions), equipped two or three 7,92-mm sinchronous machine guns type MG-17, in April, 1937 . Behind Bf-109B has followed Bf-109C (in two versions) with armament of four or five machine guns.

Messerschmitt Bf-109B and Bf-109C have taken part in Civil war in Spain. They were followed with produced more than 175 machines such as Bf-109D with engine DB-600A (power 986 hp) and armament from one 20-mm of a gun and two 7.92-mm of machine guns. By 1939 these machines acted regarding night fighters, but the majority to the beginning of war were already used, as educational.

Messerschmitt Bf 109
B-1 B-2 C-1 D-1
Crew 1
Year of issue 1937 1937 1938 1938
Lenght, m 8.70
Wing span, m 9.90
Wing area, m² 16.35
Weight, kg:
Loaded weight 2197 2152 2296 2420
Engine Jumo210D Jumo210Da Jumo210Ga DB600Aa
Power, hp 535 720 700 986
Maximum speed, km/h on sea level 460 470 420  
in altitude 465 465 470  
m 4000 4000 4500  
Rate of climb, m/s 10.9 10.2 9.52  
Service ceiling, m 9000 9000 9500 9500
Service range, km 450 450 450 450
7.92-mm MG-17 machine gun 2-3 2 4 4
Cannon - - - -
External bombs load, kg - - - -



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