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Heavy Fighter


Bf 110C Zerstorer 1./ZG76 (M8+FH) over the North Sea 1940

The heavy fighter Messerschmitt Bf-110, flown on May, 1936, with production deliveries to Luftwaffe commencing as Bf-110B with two engines "Jumo-210" (700 hp) and were producing during all World War (all 6000 aircrafts were produced).

In total 45 Messerschmitt type Bf-110B with two engines DB-601 45 airplanes were built.

About 1300 fighters Bf-110 of models C-1 and C-3 it has been made before transition to models Bf-110C-4-C-7, having the improved armouring and the equipment for use as a fighter - bomber and the reconnaissance aircraft.

Modification Bf-110D which was was issued in versions D-1 and D-3, had the big reserve of fuel (in internal and external fuel tanks) and could be applied as a long-range fighter, a fighter - bomber and escort aircraft.

The part of machines of this type has been altered to night fighters, and in the beginning of 1943 following series E has appeared.

Crew 2-3
Wing span, m 16.2
Length, m 12.1
Height, m 4.13
2 × PE DB-601A-1, hp 1100
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5150
Maximum takeoff weight 6750
Maximum speed, km/h 560
Time to 6000m, min 10
Service ceiling, m 10000
Service range, m 1100
2×20-mm cannon and 4×7.62-mm machine guns in the nose, 7.62-mm machine guns in in rear cockpit 2 + 1

Photo Description
Drawing Bf 110C/D

The Bf 110C/D

Bf 110D-3 (W.Nr.3406, 3U+LT) from 9./ZG 26

Bf 110D-3 (W.Nr.3406, 3U+LT) from 9./ZG 26 over the Mediterranean, summer 1941. The white fighting cock with red comb was the symbol of the 9th Squadron. The cow inside the white square was the symbol of III/ZG 26. The white "N" on the cowling signifies that the aircraft has DB 601 N engines installed.

Bf 110D-3 from 2 Staffel I/ZG 52

Bf 110D-3 from 2 Staffel I/ZG 52. France, summer 1940.


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Bf 110C-2 Zerstorer W.Nr. 3044 3U+AN (3U+AP)