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Night Fighter



The Bf110G

Airplane Bf-110G has been designed to reimburse failure of the project of machine Me-210 and has appeared in 1942 as the further development of airplane Bf-110F with more high-power engines DB-605. The airplane was used at defense of objects in territory of Germany from strikes of enemy aircraft - as day time fighter G-1 and G-3 and night radar fighter G-4. Last version was equipped with the radar, and the armament amplified with increase of a serial number. For a night radar fighter overall dimensions, weight and rather weak manoeuvrability of the airplane Bf-110 here were not so important. Airplanes BF-109H-1 - H-4 were equipped with engine DB-605E, a reinforced glider and a retractable tail wheel.

To the beginning of 1944 night parts Luftwaffe have reached peak of the efficiency, in this moment on their arms was about 320 radar fighters Bf-110, that made about 60 % of all number of the German night fighters.

Crew 2-3
Wing span, m 16.25
Length (with antenna of radar), m 13.05
Height, m 4.18
2 X PE DB-605B, hp 1475
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5094
Maximum takeoff weight 9900
Maximum speed, km/h 580
Rate of climb, m/min 661
Service ceiling, m 11000
Service range, km 1300
2 X 30-mm cannon in the nose and 2 X 30-mm cannon under fuselage, 7.62-mm machine guns in rear cockpit 4 + 1


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Ju87D5 L1 CH-1 SG.1 Russia February 1944 01

Ju-87D5 L1 CH-1 SG.1 Russia February 1944 01