Aviation of WWII
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The BMW 801D

The BMW 801D was Germany's most powerful radial engine throughout WW II. With 14 cylinders arranged in two rows, it developed - depending on the version - between 1600 and 2000 hp. Like most German aero engines, the BMW 801D did not have a carburetor, but featured direct fuel injection. An additional feature on the BMW engine in the Fw 190 was the Kommandogeraet a hydraulic-electric unit that automatically adjusted engine fuel flow, mixture and timing with propeller pitch in response to throttle demand and also engaged the supercharger.

The BMW 801D engine made history once coupled to the Fw 190, an extremely successful aircraft. It was a perfect combination, ensuring Fwl90 ranks with the Supermarine Spitfire, Vought Corsair and North American Mustang as one of the best fighters of World War II.

BMW 801D Specification
Number of cylinders 14
Diameter of the cylinder, mm 156
Course of the piston, mm 156
Engine capacity, l 41.8
Fuel С-3
Take-off condition
Power, hp 1800
Turnovers, rev/min 2700
Nominal condition
Power on 1-st speed at height 700m, hp 1590
Power on 2-st speed at height 5200m, hp 1360
Turnovers, rev/min 2400
Extreme condition
Power on 1-st speed at height 650m, hp 1820
Power on 2-st speed at height 5200m, hp 1490
Turnovers, rev/min 2700