Aviation of WWII
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Medium Bomber



Airplane Do-217E-5 - one of the best versions of base model Do-217E.

These airplanes were part II/KG-100 - of the special division "Luftwaffe" created in April, 1943. This division acted in bay of Biscay and in Northern Atlantic on communications of allies.

Do-217E-5 Have sunk huge number of courts though have not made serious threat to escorts.

Do 217E-2 Specification
Crew 4
Wing span, m 19.00
Wing area, m² 55.00
Length, m 18.20
Height, m 5.00
2×PE BMW 801MA, h.p. 2×1580
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 8860
Loaded weight 15000
Maximum takeoff weight 16480
Maximum speed at sea level, km/h 437
At altitude, km/h 510
Cruise speed , km/h 412
Climb rate, m/min 220
Service ceiling, m 9000
Service range, km 28000
15-mm МG-151 cannon,
13-mm МG-131 machine gun with 500 cartridges,
МG-131 with 1000 cartridges,
МG-15 forward,
4 × МG-81, bombs load, kg
Do 217E-2 Do 217E-4


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