Aviation of WWII
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Medium Bomber


The Do-17Z from III/KG3 airgroup.

The Do-17Z from III/KG3 airgroup.

After 18 pre-series Do-17S/U the order for construction of basic model Do-17Z with air-cooled engines has been given; in total 522 machines have been issued. Three additional modifications - Do-17Z-l with bombы load of 500 kg, Do-17Z-2 with more high-power engine and the increased bombs load and bomber - reconnaissance aircraft Do-17Z-3.

Other versions actuated basic trainer airplane Do-17Z dual-control, marine reconnaissance aircraft Do-17Z-5, distant night fighter Do-17Z-6 (with a nose of airplane Ju-88C-2) and one more night fighter - Do-17Z-10 with the modified nose bay.

Crew 4-5
Wing span, m 18
Length, m 15.8
Height, m 4.6
2 X PE Bramo-323R (BMW), hp 1000
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5200
Maximum takeoff weight 8590
Maximum speed, km/h 410
Service ceiling, m 8200
Service range, km 1500
7 X 7.92-mm machine guns, bomb load, kg 1000


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