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Patrol and Reconnaissance Flying boat



Flying boat Do-18 was projected as the marine reconnaissance aircraft of the mean range, and simultaneously as a civil mail seaplane for the company "Lufthansa ".

First four prototypes of the machine were took aloft in March, 1935, but civil boats has been constructed only 6, the others 148 machines with production deliveries to "Luftwaffe" since 1938 .

The basic military modifications - Do-18D with diesel engines "Jumo-205D" (600 hp), (75 machines in three versions), improved version Do-18G and six-seater educational boat Do-18H (71 machine of both types).

Subsequently most part Do-18G has been reconstructed under project Do-18N in a saving airplane.

Crew 4
Wing span, m 23.7
Length, m 19.4
Height, m 5.3
2 × PE Jumo-205D, hp 880
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 5980
Maximum takeoff weight 10500
Maximum speed, km/h 267
Time to level 2000m, min 18
Service ceiling, m 4200
Service range, km 3200
20-mm cannon, 13-mm machine gun in the nose, external bomb load, kg 200
Photo Description

Diagram of seaplane Do 18D-2

Do 18D-2 on wheeled chassis


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