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Do-335 "Pfeil"



Do 335 Pfeil

Do-335, Pfeil had exotic installation of engines. The tantem installation of the engines has been put in a basis of a design of this plane, patented Claude Dornier in 1937, though the tandem installation of engines was known even from the World War I ("Fokker" n-1 and "Simens-Shukert" DDr-1).

The airplane had an exotic X-shaped tail unit, a tricycle landing gear with a nose wheel.

On an airplane two motors Dymler Benz DB-603 by takeoff power 1750 hp are established.

The airplane could make flight to one motor, and at flight on a back motor speed developed with the greater.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 13.80
Length, m 13.85
Height, m 5.00
2 × DB-603, hp 1,750
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 9600
Maximum speed at altitude 6400m, km/h 770
Service ceiling, m 11,400
Service range, km 1380
2 × 20-mm MG-151/20 cannon, 30-mm МК-103 cannon, bombs, kg 1000


Photo Description
Drawing Do 335 V3

Drawing 335 V3

Drawing Do 335

Drawing Do 335

Dornier 335 V3

Dornier 335 V3

Dornier 335

Dornier 335


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