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Luftwaffe Fieseler Fi-156 Fi-156C-3 Photos & Drawings

Fi-156 "Storch"

Spotter and liaison aircraft


Fi-156 Storh

Fi-156, Storch was one of the most successful airplanes of Luftwaffe of World War 2.

Gerhard Fieseler has designed this aircraft as an airplane of the short take-off and landing with a wing of the big lift.

Taking - off of an airplane made only 65 meters, and run after landing - 22 meters;

At a headwind of 40 km/h the "Storch" could "hang" in air without loss of a controllability.

Airplane Fi-156 flown in spring of 1936, with production deliveries to Luftwaffe in 1937.

In total 2900 machines were built; the basic modifications - first unaided model Fi-156A, Fi-l56C (in four versions) with a machine gun and ambulance airplane Fi-l56D (in two versions).

Crew 2-3
Wing span, m 14.25
Length, m 9.9
Height, m 3.05
PE As-10C-3, hp 240
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 930
Maximum takeoff weight 1320
Maximum speed, km/h 175
Time to 1000m, min 4
Service ceiling, m 4600
Service range, m 385
7.92-mm machine gun  


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