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Fi-156C-3 "Storch"

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Fi-156C-3 "Storch"

SS Hauptsturmf├╝rrer Otto Skorzeny used this Fi 156C-3 (SU + LL) on 12 September 1943 to free Benito Mussolini

One of the most successful German aircraft during the Second World War was the "Stork" ("Stork"). Designed by Heinrich Fieseler, World War I ace (22 victories), and his chief designer Reinhold Meves, who specialized in short take-off and landing aircraft (UCVR), the aircraft was equipped with a high-lift wing. The takeoff run of the Shtorkha was only 65 meters, and the run after landing was 22 meters; with a headwind of 40 km / h, the car could "hover" in the air without losing control.

The head of the German reconnaissance and sabotage units, SS Sturmbannfuehrer Otto Skorzeny was a fearless commander. Under his leadership, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was kidnapped.

On July 24, 1943, in Rome, at a meeting of the Great Fascist Council, Benito Mussolini was removed from his post. Marshal Pietro Badoglio became Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief. The next day, Mussolini was arrested by order of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III and placed first on the island of Ponza, and in early August on the island of Maddelena. On July 27, Hitler ordered the commander of the SS Kommando "Friedenthal" Otto Skorzeny to find the Duce and free him. Meanwhile, the Italian government is placing Mussolini under house arrest at the alpine hotel Gran Sasso Gran Sasso d'Italia, the top of the highest mountain range in the Abruzzo Apennines. September 3 Badoglio announces Italy's surrender. Allies land in the south of the Apennine Peninsula. Under the terms of the surrender, Mussolini should have been given to the allies. So Skorzeny took action without delay. On September 12, twelve DFS 230 gliders with 120 paratroopers on board landed near the hotel.

Crew 2-3
Wing span, m 14.25
Length, m 9.9
Height, m 3.05
PE As-10C-3, hp 240
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 930
Maximum takeoff weight 1,320
Maximum speed, km/h 175
Time to 1000m, min 4
Service ceiling, m 4,600
Service range, m 385
7.92-mm machine gun  

Photo Description
Drawing Fi-156C-3 Drawing Fi-156 C-3
Otto Skortzeni used this Fi 156C-3 (SU+LL) on September, 12, 1943 Otto Skortzeni used this Fi 156C-3 (SU+LL) on September, 12, 1943 to exempt Benito Mussolini arrested in hotel in mountains Gran Sasso at the altitude of 2743 m. Otto Skortzeni sits on back removable sitting, Mussolini has taken a place of the passenger, the pilot Gerlakh at a side of an airplane.


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