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Fi-256 "Superstorch"

Multipurpose Aircraft


Fi-256 Superstorh

Aerodynamically cleaner, with automatic slats and a more spacious cabin for 4 passengers, the Fi-256 was supposed to enter the Luftwaffe, replacing its previous sibling. Although the new Supershtorch repeated the layout of the previous model, it was a completely new aircraft with non-interchangeable components in its design.

The first flight of the prototype took place on July 9, 1941, but one of its next flights ended in an accident, which forced the developers to make significant changes in the aircraft design. After the alteration, a pre-production batch of 13 machines was ordered, of which 6 were to be produced by Fieseler, and the rest by Schwade in Erfurt (in France, not a single aircraft was built at Morane-Saulnier). Serial production was planned for 1943, however, only two prototypes of the aircraft were completed and production ceased.

Crewж 1
Wing span, m 14.90
Length, m 9.70
Height, m 2.48
1 × PE 8-cylinder in-line Argus As 10 C/P 240 h.p.
Weight, kg:
Empty 995
Loaded weight 1,575
Maximum speed, km/h 186
Cruising speed, km/h 155
Service range, km 385
Passengers 4
Photo Description
Drawing Fi 256 A-01

Drawing Fi 256 A-01


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