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FW-187 "Falke"

Heavy Fighter


FW 187 Falke

In the beginning of 1936 Kurt Tank has started development of the project of a twin-engined heavy fighter with engines DB-600; it was supposed, that speed of the machine will reach 560 km/h. Two prototypes equipped with 680-strong engines " Jumo-210Da ", flown in summer, 1937. They were followed by 4 more prototypes, armed two 7,92-mm machine guns and two 20-mm cannons. Besides on the sixth machine there were two engines DB-600A. Last construction of three pre-series Fw-187A-0 with reinforced armament.

Crew 2
Wing span, m 15.3
Length, m 11.1
Height, m 3.85
2 X PE Yumo-210Ga, hp 700
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 3700
Maximum takeoff weight 5000
Maximum speed, km/h 529
Time to 6000m, min 6
Service ceiling, m 6000
2 × 20-mm cannon in the wing and 4 × 7.92-mm machine guns in the nose 2 + 4


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