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FW.190 A-0 W.Nr 0021

Fighter-Bombe Fw-190 - the unique German fighter designed and started in mass production already during war. Originally the airplane was projected under the radial engine, the standard became model Fw-190D with the V-shaped engine.

First prototype Fw-190 flown on June, 1939 - after experiments with engines BMW-139 and BMW-801 and wings of small and big span.

Fw-190A Has gone to a series with engine BMW-801 and with an big-span wing.

Fw-190A-0 - pre-series aircrafts (40 fighters);

Fw-190A-1 - series aircrafts (100 fighters);

Fw-190A-2 (426 fighters) bore longer wings and reinforced armament;

Fw 190A-3 - Fighters - bombers (509 fighters) had other scheme of armament;

Fw-190A-4 (894 fighters) have supplied a system of forcing of the engine.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 10.5
Length, m 8.8
Height, m 3.95
PE BMW-801D-2, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2900
Maximum takeoff weight 4400
Maximum speed, km/h 605
Rate of climb, m/min 863
Service ceiling, m 10600
Service range, m 800
Service range (with external fuel tank), km 1500
2 × 20-mm cannon in the wing and 2 × 7.92-mm machine guns under engine 2 + 2
Photo Description
Drawing Fw 190 A 3/4

Drawing Fw 190 A 3/4

Fw 190A (KB+PV)

An early production Fw 190A (KB+PV) being prepared for evaluation by Oblt Behrens.

Fw 190A-4 of II./JG 26 (Werk Nr 1197), France, 1942

Fw 190A-4 of II./JG 26 (Werk Nr 1197), France, later 1942. Handcart starter is interesting.

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FW.190 A-5 W.Nr 410054 Oberst Walter Grabmann 3. Jagddivision Deelen 1944