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FW 190 A5

Fw-190A-5, with production deliveries to Luftwaffe in the beginning of 1943, represented version of modification З-4 with the engine biased on 15 sm back (that has resulted in returning the centre of gravity of an airplane to an initial place - on the previous models the centre of gravity has been a little displaced because of the installation of the additional equipment in tail of a fuselage).

In total 723 machines were built, they were used as heavy and night fighters, interceptors and attack airplane.

In its final form the A-6 had an armament of two engine-mounted MG 17s, two MG 151s in the wing roots and two additional MG 151s in the outer part of the wings. Provision was also made for the installation of FuG 16Z-E and FuG 25 radio equipment. With completion of development and testing, the new armour protection was available for installation after August 6, 1943.

After successful tests with Fw 190A-5/U12, Werk Nr 813, production of the modified Fw 190A-6/R1 Zerstorer was ordered with the final armament now replacing the outer wing MG 151 cannon with under-wing nacelles carrying two MG 151 giving the aircraft a total armament of two machine-guns and six cannon. Although, in its final form, the aircraft was provided with an extremely effective fire-power the additional weight and drag from the nacelles reduced the range by 19-20 miles and the maximum speed by some 25-mph. As this version was urgently required for service on the Eastern front, the first sixty aircraft, which had been delivered to Luftzeugamt Kupper, were rebuilt there and were ready for service on November 30, 1943.

In total 569 machines are built.

Various versions З-6 included a fighter - bomber with a capability of the suspension up to 1000 kg of bombs and attack airplane with 30-mm cannon.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 10.5
Length, m 8.8
Height, m 3.95
PE BMW-801D-2, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 2900
Maximum takeoff weight 4400
Maximum Speed, km/h 605
Rate of climb, m/min 863
Service ceiling, m 10600
Service range, m 800
Service range (with external fuel tank), km 1500
4 × 20-mm cannon in the wing and 2 × 7.92-mm machine guns under engine 2 + 2
Photo Description
Drawing Fw 190 A6/R11

Drawing FW 190A-6/R11 with FuG 217 radar and MG 151/20 cannon.

Fw 190A-5/U3

The Fw 190A-5/U3 carry SC 50 bombs under each wing and a SC 500 bomb under the fuselage.

Fw 190A-6 of I./JG54

Fw 190A-6 of I./JG54 runs up engine while connected to battery starter. Russia's winter was hard on man and machine. Siwerskaja.



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