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FW 190 F8 I.SG 5, 28th June 1944

Airplane Fw-190 was projected as a fighter, but already at stage of the project has been converted in attack aircraft Fw-190F.

The first attack modification with production deliveries to Luftwaffe at the end of 1942 Fw-190F-1 (about 30 airplanes) - version of the production fighter Fw-190A-5/U3 in turn basing model Fw-190А-4, but equipped a reinforced landing gear, additional armouring.

Then models Fw-190F-2 with the improved cabin (271 airplanes), Fw-190F-3 with the changed design of a wing (about 250 airplanes), Fw-190F-8 on basis Fw-190A-7 (385 airplanes) and Fw-190F-9 with the 2000-strong engine BMW-801TS/TH equipped with a turbocompressor have been issued. All airplanes had the big number of versions.

Crew 1
Wing span, m 10.5
Length, m 8.95
Height, m 3.95
PE BMW-801D-2, hp 1700
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 3325
Maximum takeoff weight 4925
Maximum speed, km/h 635
Climb rate, m/min 642
Service ceiling, m 10600
Service range, km 750
2 × 20-mm cannon, 2 × 13-mm machine guns, external bomb load, kg 1200
Photo Description
Drawing Fw 190 F-8

Drawing Fw 190 F-8

Focke-Wulf FW 190F-8 with SC 500 bomb

Focke-Wulf FW 190F-8 with SC 500 bomb.

Focke-Wulf FW 190F-8 from 1./SG 5

Focke-WulfFW 190F-8 from 1./SG 5.



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