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FW 56 Stösser

FW 56 Stösser. Fighter and aircraft to improve flight training. First flight - November 1933 Chief Designer Kurt Tank.

FW 56 Stösser

Focke-Wulf Fw.56 "Sparrowhawk" (FW 56 "Stößer"). Kurt Tank's first job as CTO at Focke-Wulf. The aircraft was developed as a training aircraft for advanced flight training, it was also envisaged to use it as an air defense fighter ("home defense fighter").

Constructional diagram - parasol, with plumage from "Albatross". The stabilizer and elevator were in front of the rudder, all rudders were of wood construction with fabric sheathing. Particular attention was paid to aerodynamics, which made it possible to obtain good flight data at low engine power. Chassis with two cantilever struts with oil damping, with wheels on low pressure pneumatics.

The aircraft demonstrated excellent climb rate and high aerobatic qualities, participating in demonstration performances. In 1935 the Stösser was put into production under the designation Fw.56a-1. It was a very obedient aircraft. On it, every future fighter pilot could check his worth. Once having mastered it, the pilots spoke of the "Stösser" as an excellent aircraft.

"Stoessers" throughout the war were used in NSFK *, aviation schools, participated in research programs.

The exact number of aircraft built is unknown, it is believed that 900-1000 aircraft were built.

* approx. NSFK - National Socialist Air Corps (German Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps) - a paramilitary organization of Nazi Germany

Fw.56 Specification
Crew 1
Wing Span, m 10.5
Wing area, m² 13.50
Length, m 7.65
Height, m 2.55
1×PE Argus AS-10C, h.p. 240
Weight, kg:
Empty 670
Loaded weight 985
Maximum speed, km/h 266
Cruising speed, km/h 243
Maximum rate of climb, m/min 504
Service ceiling, m 6,200
Service range, km 370

Armament. One or two 7.92 mm machine guns MG-17 with 250 rounds per barrel; 3 × 10 kg bombs.

Photo Description
Drawing FW 56 Stößer

Drawing FW 56 Stößer


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