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Blohm und Voss

Blohm + Voss GmbH (Blohm und Voss) is a shipbuilding company in Germany, now a division of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG. Formed on April 5, 1877 by Hermann Blom and Ernst Voss.

(Blohm & Voss Flugzeugbau) G.m.b.H is a subsidiary of the German shipbuilding company Blohm & Voss, mainly specializing in the production of flying boats for various purposes. It was formed in 1933 under the name Hamburger Flugzeugbau (accordingly, it produced its first aircraft under the Ha index), and in 1937 changed its name to Blohm & Voss Flugzeugbau. It ceased to exist in 1945.

Director: V. Blom. Technical supervisor: doctor, engineer R. Vogt.