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Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers
(1859 - 1935)

In 1919, Junkers, together with O. Reuter, created the first all-aluminum 6-seater passenger low-wing aircraft U-13 (F-13), which was widely used in many countries.

Hugo Junkers was born on February 3, 1859 in Reidt, died on February 3, 1935 in Gauting.

He studied at the higher technical schools of Barmen, Berlin, Karlsruhe and Aachen (graduated in 1883), specializing in heat engineering.


In 1895, Hugo Junkers founded his own gas equipment plant in Dessau, on the basis of which he created the Junkers company (1917).

In 1897-1912 professor at the Higher Technical School in Aachen. In 1910 he began to engage in aviation, having received a patent for an aircraft - a flying wing; in 1912 he built a wind tunnel.